{WED} Certain Legit Tools Generate Windows Defender False Positives

When I fire off the program to scan my whole PC, I learn that certain legit tools generate Windows Defender false positives. In this case, the collection of password recovery utilities in Nir Sofer’s NirLauncher collection included 8 items flagged as threats. Easily handled: here’s how to fix this.

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{WED} Old MDiskClean.exe Throws System.InvalidOperationException Error

You know, there are more benefits to keeping software up-to-date than just avoiding security vulnerabilities. They even go beyond the pleasures of good housekeeping. When I couldn’t run Albacore’s excellent Disk Cleanup reaplacement (mdiskclean.exe) on my Lenovo X220 Tablet this … Continue reading

{WED} Windows 10 Power Options Include NVMe Idle Timeout

Here’s another factoid that falls under the heading of “I didn’t know Windows 10 could do that.” In this case, the particular widget in question is Power Options (Control Panel). The right PowerShell command or its equivalent Registry tweak makes … Continue reading