Get the iPhone/Pad/Pod (iOS) Windrivers without installing iTunes

I’ve got numerous PCs around here and there — I can see two desktops and two laptops as I sit here in my office, and there are two more laptops and one SFF desktop elsewhere in our domicile at this moment; I’ve … Continue reading

Disk2VHD Is Just What the Doctor Ordered for Machine Upgrades and Migrations

Anybody who’s followed my Windows experiences and commentary already knows I think the Sysinternals guys (Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell, primarily, but also a host of others over the years) hung the moon when it comes to great tools and utilities. … Continue reading

Another Nice System Drive Cleanup Maneuver: DriverStoreExplorer

In my continuing quest to find more and better ways to slim Windows 7 down on disk, so as to make the most of smaller, more affordable SSDs, I’ve come across another footprint reducing technique. Exploring space consumption with my … Continue reading