Interesting v0.80.x PowerToys Puzzle

Interesting v0.80.x PowerToys Puzzle

I’ve just stumbled upon — and confirmed — and interesting v0.80.x PowerToys puzzle. Given that every picture tells a story, my lead-in graphic attempts to show what’s going on here. Let me explain, in three sections:

1. Top white text shows the info that pops up after Winget upgrades PowerToys to Version 0.80.0. Notice it reads “Release v0.80.1”.

2. Winget clearly shows it’s upgrading PowerToys to version 0.80.0 in the black text section in the middle.

3. Opening settings in that upgraded version of PowerToys, it self-reports as v0.80.0, and offers the “Install now” button to upgrade the program to v0.80.1. Not coincidentally, that install and upgrade actually work, and result inĀ  a self-report of v0.80.1.

Note: you may have to show the graphic in its own browser tab or window to see the whole thing. Some important stuff is on the bottom edge (v.0.80.1 update notification and install button).

Interesting v0.80.x PowerToys Puzzle Gets Cracked

The way I see it, there are two possibilities here, and Ockham’s razor leans heavily toward one of them. First, it’s possible that winget is actually installing version 0.80.1 but misreporting same. I doubt it. My best guess is the second one, which is that v0.80.0 is showing the documentation for v0.80.1 when it should be showing a downrev version.

I think I just confirmed this because I did click the “Install now” button in PowerToys > Settings. It ran a tool called “PowerToys (Preview) x64 Setup” complete with progress bar.

And when it was finished it showed me the same “What’s new” document shown above, also labeled Release v.0.80.1. What’s different this time is that PowerToys > Settings > General now self-reports as follows:

Seems pretty conclusive to me. I’m guessing that the development team hasn’t yet updated their manifests for WinGet to switch things over from v0.80.0 to v0.80.1. At the same time the new “What’s new” has probably pushed out the old one, so it’s showing even on the v0.80.0 version. Go figure!



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