Flaky Switch Prompts Mouse Hunt

Flaky Switch Prompts Mouse Hunt

I can tell the end is near — for my Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500, that is. In this case, a flaky switch prompts mouse hunt for a replacement. What’s going on? Sometimes, when I click the mouse nothing happens. Sometimes, when I want to left-click once, it clicks twice — and even more annoyingly, vice-versa. Alas, this means the left-side contact switch is starting to fail. I’ve ridden enough meese into the dirt to recognize that this device is at end-of-life.

When Flaky Switch Prompts Mouse Hunt, Amazon Calls…

I have to laugh. It’s going to cost me a whole whopping US$12 to replace this unit. I always buy two, in fact, so I’ll have a spare if something goes wrong with the primary. I blush to confess, therefore, that when the previous primary went south and I fired up the secondary — the one I’m using now — I neglected to order an immediate replacement. That’s why I need to order two today. Just ordered!

I’m a great believer in keeping spares around — for everything. Indeed, if this current mouse dies before its replacement shows up, I’ve got a couple of Bluetooth meese (and corresponding USB3 dongles for my desktop) that I can use in the meantime. Ditto for network interfaces, removable storage, GbE cables and switches, keyboards and more. In my experience the only spare you really, really need is the one you forgot to order when the predecessor failed.

So far, things here at Chez Tittel are OK. As a Prime member, Amazon will get me both replacements tomorrow. I’m not worried. But it’s always good to stay on top of these things.


Note Added March 30 (Morning)

Amazon came through last night after I’d left home for my Wednesday evening pool league. The Boss left them sitting out on the kitchen island for me, so I saw them as soon as I walked into the house. It’s hard to overstate the satisfaction that near-instant gratification of one’s technology needs can deliver. I’ve already got one installed on my production PC. And now I have a ready spare as well. Good-oh!


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