Windows Insiders Will Get New Experiences

Windows Insiders Will Get New Experiences

It seems that Windows Experience Packs remain atop recent Windows news. On February 3, Windows Insiders lead Amanda Langowski posted to the Windows blog. It’s chock full of interesting tidbits, and worth a read. Among those were a new Insiders logo (appears as this post’s lead-in graphic; click here for full-sized view). Another is quotable: “We will deliver updates to features and experiences in builds from the Dev and Beta Channels by releasing Feature, Web, and Online Service Experience Packs on top of these builds too.” (Emphasis mine.) Hence, my claim that Windows Insiders will get new Experiences in 2022.

If Windows Insiders Will Get New Experiences, Then What?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see. But there’s been plenty of talk about Experience Packs over the last year. Likewise, plenty of experiments with same, but nothing substantial or tangible by way of results. I think what Ms. Langowski said means that we will see such results via all three types of experience packs this year.

I, for one, can’t wait. I’ve been watching this phenomenon work its way into public view since it got started. I’m more than curious to see what will come of this effort. Because it’s intended to provide a pipeline to deliver new features and functions to Windows without having to wait for a now-annual feature update, I’m tantalized by what this could mean for — and bring to — Windows users.

As an Insider (and an Insider MVP) I have deliberately put myself in the line of fire to help MS get this working as well as possible. I’m trembling with anticipation to see how it all works. I’m curious to learn what kinds of hiccups or bumps in the road Experience Packs might bring. And I’m resolved to do my bit with Feedback Hub reports and hopefully helpful blog posts and articles to steer this effort to a successful conclusion.

Stay tuned: this should be fun!

[Note Added: January 6, 2022]

Mary Jo Foley has published a ZDNet article on this topic. It’s entitled Microsoft: Here’s how Windows 11 will get new features. In that story, she provides a great explanation of the three types of Experience packs, as best as MS prior statements will allow. Check it out for more information on feature experience packs, online service experience packs, and the still-mysterious web experience packs. Good stuff. Thanks be to MJF!


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