First Windows 11 ISOs Now Available

First Windows 11 ISOs Now Available

OK, then. It was on June 28 that the first Windows 11 Insider Preview release made its debut on the Dev Channel. Mid-day yesterday I learned that MS had finally added Windows 11 ISOs to the Windows Insider Preview Downloads page. That’s right: the first Windows 11 ISO now available are ready to download. The lead-in graphic shows my selection of Dev Channel for Build 22000.132 (the number is truncated).

First Windows 11 ISOs Now Available: Grab One!

Because my Ventoy UFD doesn’t have a Build 22000.132 image amidst its collection, I did just that. I next had to confirm language (English, more properly EN-US). Then I had to click the “64-bit download” button shown here:

First Windows 11 ISOs Now Available.button

64-bit download button shows full details for Win11 version ISO.
[Click image for full-sized view.]

As is often the case when making MS downloads, it took a while to wind up. But eventually I started seeing download speeds ranging from just over 200Mbps to as high as 410 Mbps. The whole shebang took just over 3 minutes to complete.

Final file size, according to Explorer: 5,358,902 KB. That equals 5,233 MB or 5.11 GB. That makes this ISO too large for FAT-32 (which has a maximum file size of 4 GB). Good thing I’m using Ventoy: it will mount the ISO from its own EFI FAT-32 partition, even though the file resides on an exFAT partition (not subject to the 4 GB max filesize limitation). Good stuff!

One More Thing…

For some odd reason my ususal WIMVP MS account wouldn’t give me access to the Windows 11 ISO download. I had to sign out and sign back in under what I thought was an obsolete MS account. Not only did it please me to find a way to grab the ISO, it also gives me an important clue about why I’ve been unable to access my WIMVP benefits lately. Just another bonus as I live the dream here in Windows-World!


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