Winget Upgrade Winget

Team Lead Sez: Winget Upgrade Winget

If you read this blog, you know I’ve been reporting for months about interesting issues that occur in PowerShell when winget tries to update itself. In a Tuesday Tweet MS Team Lead Sez: Winget Upgrade Winget. I take this to mean that they’ve solved the issues (for the stable version at the moment, previews planned for some future date) related to winget upgrading itself. Good stuff!

Why Team Lead Sez: Winget Upgrade Winget

I’ve interacted with the afore-mentioned Winget Team Lead, Demitrius Nelon, repeatedly in the last few months on this very topic. In fact, we’ve agreed that the issues of an application updating itself can be both tricky and challenging (it’s a kind of Catch-22, in the most classic sense).

And now, I find myself in an interesting situation. I can’t wait for the next stable version of winget to come along, so I can try updating it using winget itself. But the most recent release dates back to November. I can’t find any info on when the next release is coming out … goes off to message Demitrius on X … will report any responses received back here.

Note added 2 hrs later: Mr.Delon resonded to my inquiry about when the next winget stable release might hit. According to his reply,it could happen for an incremental winget 1.6 version before year’s end. If not, 1.7 is scheduled for February 2024. Now we know!

I just checked a representative sample of test and production PCs and there’s nothing in the queue for a winget self-upgrade just yet. But it should be interesting to see how it all plays out. Stay tuned: I’ll keep you posted.


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