Early One Outlook screencap eases concerns about business use

Early One Outlook Screencap Eases Concerns

Following quickly in the wake of news of Microsoft’s Project Monarch, (reported here on Monday), a screencap from an actual user allays some of my fears. Notice the left-hand column in the lead-in screecap for this story. It shows the Archive folder amongst the other Outlook folders present. I take that to mean there is a way to integrate an archive with live, web-based messages in the cloud. Thus, an early One Outlook screencap eases concerns about business use.

Why Early One Outlook Screencap Eases Concerns

The name for the app is currently “One Outlook.” This speaks directly to Microsoft’s desire to assemble all Outlook clients in a single code base. Obviously, they’ve thought about the importance of archives in the Outlook environment. In fact, I’m relieved it shows up in such early intimations of where the app is headed.

My old friend and former Novell colleague, John King, responded to my previous post. He proposed the notion that an archive might  be uploaded to the cloud to remain accessible. I’m not certain. I could see it either way, given that I’m sure I’m not the only person with a 10+GB Outlook archive.pst. Millions of 10GB uploads may be more of a storage load than Azure wants to handle. It may make more sense to build plumbing into the app to access a local archive.

Those details, however, are a long way from being settled. According to OnMSFT.com, which reported on this phenom and the screencap, One Outlook is unlikely to appear until 2022. Right now, they say, it’s only available to “brave dogfooders” with in-house, internal Microsoft accounts.

Give Me Preview Access, Please

As the app evolves and develops, I sincerely hope that MS will provide more brave dogfooders outside the company with early access. In fact, I’d like to nominate myself among the ranks of “early outside adopters.” I’ll use it on a test machine, for sure, but it could help me further ease my concerns, as I explore its capabilities. For something this central to how I work and live, I hope that’s not too much to ask. Stay tuned: I’ll keep you informed.


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